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Alpro Super (Image)

The stainless steel hinges mounted on the push-in brackets are supplied together with the door hinges fitted with predetermined breaking points.

For adhesion onto the tile(s). When the adhesive is dry, the tiled door with the push-in brackets is inserted in the free tile joint before grauting.

The tiled door is fitted with an automatic closing mechanism and is opened using a pressure opener.

Hidden tiled doors are for use on inspection or storage openings that are often required.

ALPRO SUPER hinge fittings are ideal for making metal or mirror doors.

Opening angle 90°.

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Tech Info
Sizes: from 200 mm w x 200 mm h up to 400 mm w x 800 mm h approx.
Load: max. 8 kg
Corner & Curves: Yes
Package Contents: 2 special hinge mounts
(hinges made of stainless steel with automatic closing mechanism)
4 connecting elements (for doors with several tiles)
1 special silicon adhesive
1 pressure opener
1 assembly instruction

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