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Alpro 2000 Whirlpool (Image)

ALPRO 2000 access panel Whirlpool-Set is a top quality product for hidden inspection panel. The joint bracket with adjustable magnets and two hang-in devices are inserted into the appropriate tile joint while the tile adhesive is still soft; the counterparts are adhered to the covering tile(s).

The panel can be made out of any kind of material such as tiles, marble, granite, mirror, etc.

Ventilation grid, standard size 80 x 300 mm (LD 55 cm2).

Colours: anodized aluminium, alu - white, alu-chrome polish

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Tech Info:
Sizes: from 250 mm h x 450 mm w up to 0,40 m2 approx.
Load: max. 8 kg
Corners and Curves: Yes
Package Content: 2 joint brackets with adjustable magnets (adhesive load á 6 kg)
2 magnet contact plates
2 pairs of hanging devices with release prevention mechanism
1 special silicon adhesive
2 support plates (aluminium á 80 x 300 mm)
1 ventilation grid (80 x 300 mm), LD 55cm2
1 opening cord
1 assembly instruction

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