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Alpro 2000 (Image)

ALPRO 2000 tiled access panel with hang-in devices and release prevention mechanism is a top quality product for hidden inspection panel.

The joint bracket with adjustable magnets and two hang-in devices are inserted into the appropriate tile joint while the tile adhesive is still soft; the counterparts are adhered to the covering tile(s).

The panel can be made out of any kind of material such as tiles, marble, granite, mirror, etc.

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Tech Info
Sizes: from 150 x 150 mm up to 800 x 500 mm (0,40 m2) approx.
Load: max. 8 kg
Corners and Curves: Yes
Package Contents: 2 joint brackets with adjustable magnets (adhesive load á 6 kg)
2 magnet contact plates
2 pairs of hanging devices with release prevention mechanism
1 special silicon adhesive
1 opening cord
1 assembly instruction